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  • Hungry Sheep!

  • Can you out-stare this Kangaroo!?

  • See how fast these elephants come to help!

  • Cute animal eating Cucumber

  • Squirrel tries to hide an acorn in the Bernese Mountain Dog's Fur!

  • Turtle VS Dog, the epic battle! Well, as epic as a turtle can be!

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  • A frog just casually sitting on top of an operating sprinkler!

  • Lizard Greets Man like a Dog!

  • Very cute & friendly home bred tiger has fun playing on the couch with its dog friend!

  • Cute Chipmunk Steals A Kiss!

  • Today I got a chance to visit poultry farm and saw 5000 two days old chicks.

  • This is bear. He is fully grown and loves his humans very much.

  • Cute animal pictures

  • Here are some animals that will make you go aww! (Video slideshow)

  • A mouse performing tricks.

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